Alfredo Leone

CEO and Owner


Mr. Leone has been a pioneering force in the entertainment industry for more than 50 years, serving as a producer, writer, director, actor and consultant on countless films and television projects. 

Through IMF, Mr. Leone is developing new productions and re-makes from the film library.  Currently, he is developing the classic film LA DOLCE VITA into a Broadway Musical.

In 2006, Mr. Leone formed Hammond Studios in Louisiana and has been approved by the State of Louisiana for an $845 million film studio and luxury resort development for which the company will receive $332 million tax credit.

As a developer, Mr. Leone partnered with David B. Putnum in the North Beach Development Corporation.

For over a decade Mr. Leone collaborated with Italy’s foremost director of sci-fi and horror, Mario Bava, whose work has been acknowledged as a major influence by such filmmakers as Scorsese, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Joe Dante, Wes Craven and Guillermo del Toro.  It was during this period that Telly Savalas’s trademark lollipop was born.  In May of 2002, The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood had a retrospective of the Bava library.  The Egyptian Theater has scheduled a new retrospective for Spring 2008.   

In addition, Mr. Leone founded Euro-America in Rome to promote and produce international co-ventures and world-wide distribution, producing such films as Baron Blood (Joseph Cotton and Elke Sommer), Lisa and The Devil (Telly Savalas) Love By Appointment (Ernest Borgnine).

Mr. Leone owned and operated the world famous dinner theater, LA CAGE, Los Angeles, a five star restaurant and entertainment establishment.

Mr. Leone is a prominent member of the FRIAR’S and The LAMBS CLUB and is a member of THE ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURES.


Andreas von Scheele


Andreas von Scheele is spearheading new production and new markets for IMF's extensive film library.

Andreas has been a filmmaker for over a decade. His credits include a feature film (as writer, director, and producer called Anna's Thread; numerous shorts, including, The Lottery, which toured the festival circuit. From 2004-6, Andreas produced a daily 10-minute news show for RAINEWS24.

Andreas has written 5 feature scripts and translates from Italian to English. He has translated filmmaker Ilaria Borrelli’s novel Tremors and the production script for the film Princess of The Sparrow Hawks.

Andreas is also part owner and a regular creative contributor of FLY 16X9, a luxury lifestyle/new media production company that Vogue magazine recently called a “limited edition opus... connecting fashion, fine arts and cinema.”  In this unique setting, Andreas has shot, directed and edited films for Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Veuve Clicquot, Banana Republic, Tod’s (with Sienna Miller) and more.  Andreas now also heads up the marketing and sales arm for FLY 16X9.

For two years he was story editor and office manager at Sigourney Weaver’s production company Goat Cay Productions.

His creative work can be found at